Better Reading, Better Grades, Better Future

  • Kids play their way to better grades
  • Boost your child's confidence
  • 13 Different Games
  • Get your child ahead and keep them ahead
  • Guaranteed to increase a
    full letter grade*

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Full letter grade improvement guaranteed!*

Simply play The New Phonics Game with your child as instructed and we GUARANTEE a Full Letter Grade Improvement in English, reading or spelling on your child’s next report card or your MONEY BACK!
Full Letter Grade Guarantee!

Nearly 5 years and thousands of hours of development and testing

Developed in association with the Board of Regents of the University of California – this is the “real deal”

Nearly 5 years and thousands of hours of development and testing.

Kid-tested in the classrooms for success.
Endorsed by the former California secretary of Education, Dr. David Long, and hundreds of teachers.

FREE BONUS!  The Quick Check Reading Test*

*(Also known as the Reading Assessment Test).

TNPG is 13 games for different skills

Save money on costly tutor fees.
Instructions are in Spanish and English with a quick-start video.
TNPG is really 13 games for different skills.

This works out to less than $15 per game!

Increase your child’s confidence

Using TNPG will increase your child’s confidence and make them the happy, confident kid you know they can be.

Kids play their way to better grades.

Kids get better at exactly what they are being taught in class

Early leaners will read ahead of their age group; and late learners will catch up and get ahead.

TNPG will give your child the “power” to sound out words they do not know.

Increased effectiveness because TNPG uses all three learning modalities: audio, visual, and tactile.

Because TNPG is aligned with national classroom standards, kids get better at exactly what they are being taught in class.

Your child can play TNPG with a parent, grandparent, babysitter, friends, or by himself / herself

Your younger children (under 4 years old) can use the game as they get older.

Scary Facts

26% of 9th graders won't graduate from high school
75% of 8th graders don't read well enough to fully understand their textbooks

The negative consequences for a child with low reading skills can put them at a disadvantage that they may never be able to overcome.

Low literacy is the number one reason students fail to graduate from high school.

Smoking, drug and
alcohol abuse
are heavily linked to failure of a child to graduate from high school.



The Quick Check Reading Test showed me where my students’ reading weaknesses were so I knew where to start. The games were ready-to-go, fun and easy-to-use. So much so, I can tell you, my students just didn’t want to stop playing. Amazing results!

Anne B

3rd Grade Teacher, Paul Revere Elementary Anaheim City School District


As a classroom teacher for many years, I’ve seen many budget cuts that cause a need for added learning support for children.  The New Phonics Game provides this and gives your students the reading skills they need for success!  Such reinforcement and assistance in the enhancement of literacy in our future generations.  It is my pleasure to commend The New Phonics Game’s efforts and continuing success in their mission

Kori J

Elementary Educator


My son went from being a slightly below average reader to near the top of his class in large part due to the skills he learned through our family’s use of The New Phonics Game.  I recommend The New Phonics Game to anyone who cares about their child’s early success.  The New Phonics Game is a worth while investment in my son’s future.

Renee H.

Parent Max Age 6


I have been watching my child’s confidence grow as his reading improves.  Having fun playing the New Phonics Game together has been rewarding for the whole family.  The skills he has learned have already paid off in his grades and a boosted sense of confidence

Mary R

Mother of Daniel Age 7


The games are fun, we love to read and play it a lot with our family.

Emily and Kara K

Ages 6 and 8


It’s fun and helps me to read better and I understand more words

Matty B

Age 7